Laser Putting SystemBig things come in small packages. Take a look…

  1. Small clear stand. The Laser Ball will sit on this stand when you practice aiming the Laser Ball. You will rotate the plastic ring while aiming the Laser Ball. Rotating the Laser Ball with out using the ring is very difficult.
  2. The Laser Ball. A regulation sized golf ball that contains a planar laser that is activated by a radio frequency remote control. When activated the red laser line emitted by the Laser Ball will allow you to practice aiming the ball and when elevated behind the putter to aim the putter
  3. The push button on/off switch. When in the up position the laser ball will respond to the remote control. Do not leave the button in the up position after use. This will cause the battery to discharge prematurely.
  4. Remote control. The remote is radio frequency and has three buttons. A on. B off. C to keep the laser on for four seconds.
  5. Large clear ring. This ring along with a sharpie marker will be used to place the black line on your golf ball.
  6. Large clear stand. The Laser Ball will sit on this stand when practicing aiming and returning to square of your putter.
  7. Yellow putting strap. This will be held in place by four tees and placed behind the putting hole to aim the laser at and funnel the balls into the hole.
  8. The regulation sized golf ball sleeve that holds all the elements of the Laser Putting System. On the outside there is a target and simple instructions on how to use the Laser Putting System.