The WelchsThe idea for the Laser Ball started in 2002 during a trip to Palm Springs to celebrate my wife’s birthday. During that trip I watched Tiger Woods line up his putts with a black line on his ball. I went out that day and purchased the tool to make the black line and have been using it ever since. After a short time I realized I could not be certain where the lined ball was aiming.  After much thought and research, I came up with the idea of placing a planar laser in the golf ball to practice aiming the ball. Little did I realize how this simple idea would lead to ten years of research and preparation to bring the Laser Ball to market.

On this journey I have learned more about the business world and myself than I could have imagined. The process of obtaining a patent, finding D&N Worldwide Ltd, an engineering, design and manufacturing company that believed in the idea, working to write all the materials necessary for marketing, seeking advice from professionals and creating a web site have been a steep learning curve and sometimes quite daunting. The one thing that kept me focused was the belief that the Laser Ball could help all golfers putt better and ultimately enjoy the game of golf more.

The popularity of the Laser Ball will serve as an example of how a simple idea, hard work and a little luck can lead to a successful company and product line. We hope you love it as much as we do.

~Dan Welch
Creator of the Laser Putting System