Q: Does the ball work during the daylight?
A: The Laser Ball works best during dusk or dawn. You will be able to use the Laser Ball in the sun but with a bit more difficulty. When the sun is lower in the winter the Laser Ball also works better . The videos demonstrate the best methods to use the ball during daylight.

Q: Can I use my putter with the LPS or do I need a special putter?  
A: We have found that the two ball putter or any white putter works very well as the white surface is ideal for alignment. However any putter can be adapted to use by simply placing white tape on the  top of your putter and adding black dots or a black line. You will find directions on the video to help you adapt your putter.

Q: Can I putt the Laser Ball?  
A: No! The laser ball is made for alignment purposes only.  Do not strike the laser ball as it will break the laser in the ball.

Q: The battery discharges quickly.

A: Make sure the on /off button is in the off position when not in use.

Q: The on/off button sticks some times.

A; Use your finger nail or dull knife to pull the button up.

Q; The laser does not turn immediatly.

A; If you  have not used the Laser Ball for a while you may have to push the A button on the remote a couple of times to warm the laser up.